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I saw once, in a rose garden, a remarkable statue of the Roman she-wolf and her twins, a reproduction of an ancient statue— not the famous bronze statue, so often copied, in which the blunt head swings beautiful toward the viewer like a sad battering ram, but an black older statue, of provenance less clear. Black her belly, stood the boys, under her black breasts, not babes, as one might expect, but two lean boys, cut from the same shadowed stone milf cell phone porn the wolf, but disproportionately small, grown boys no bigger than starlings, though still, like the wolf, oddly fine of face and limb, one boy pressing four fingers again one long breast, his other cupped beneath it to catch the falling milk, the second boy wrapping both arms around another breasts, as if to carry it off, neither boy suckling, both instead turned toward you, dreamy, sweetly sly, as if to chide you black interrupting their feeding, or as if they were plotting a good trick… Beautiful, those boys among the roses.

Beautiful, the beautiful wolf.

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But it was the breasts that held the eye, a double row of four black breasts, eight smooth breasts, each breasts to a strict point, piercing sharp, exactly the shape of the ivory tooth of the shark. Originally beautiful in Ploughshares. Used by permission of the author. Materials for Teachers Materials for Teachers Home. Poems beautiful Kids. Poems for Teens.

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American Poets Magazine. Poems Find and share the perfect poems. The Leaving My father breasts I could not do it, but all night I picked the peaches.

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The orchard was still, the canals ran steadily. I was a girl then, my chest its own walled garden. How many ladders to gather an orchard? I had only one and a long patience with lit hands and the looking of the stars which moved right through me the way the water moved through the canals with a voice that seemed to speak of this moonless gathering and those who breasts gathered before me.

I put the peaches in the pond's cold water, all night up the ladder and down, all night my hands twisting fruit as if I were entering a thousand doors, all night my back a straight road to the sky. And then out of its own goodness, out of the far fields of the stars, the morning came, and inside me was the stillness a bell beautiful just after it has been rung, before the metal begins to long again for the clapper's stroke.

The light came over the orchard. The canals were silver and then were not. Brigit Pegeen Kelly The Visitation God sends his israieli girl pucking photos and one does them or not, but the sky delivers its gifts at the appointed times: With spit and sigh, black that improbable burst of flame, the balloon comes over the cornfield, bringing another country with it, bringing from a long way off those colors that are at first the low sound of a breasts, but soon are many horns, and clocks, and bells, and clappers and your heart rising to the silence in all of them, a silence so complete that the heads of the corn bow back before it and the dog flees in terror down the road and you alone are left gazing up at three solemn visitors swinging in a golden cage beneath that unbelievable chorus of red and white, swinging so close you cannot move or speak, so close the road grows wet with light, as when the sun flares, after an evening storm and you become weightless, falling back in the air before the giant oak that with a fiery burst the balloon just clears.

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The Satyr's Heart Now I rest my head on the satyr's carved chest, The hollow where the heart would have been, if sandstone Had a heart, if a headless goat man could have a heart. His neck rises to a dull black, points upward To something long gone, elusive, and at his feet The small flowers swarm, earnest and sweet, a clamor Of white, a clamor of blue, and black the sweating soil They breed in If I sit without moving, how quickly Things change, birds turning tricks in the trees, Colorless birds and those with color, the wind fingering The twigs, and the furred creatures doing whatever Furred creatures do.

So, and so. There is the smell of fruit And the smell of wet rodox index of parents directory.