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The visionary behind Native Pop organizes another indigenous art collective nude traveling showcase, Native American Body of Art, inspiring nude art and potentially a native renaissance.

Learned, who organized the Native Pop collective, likewise inspired the Native American Body of Wide hips gets fucked movement and traveling exhibit.

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Learned anticipates a good crowd, if the first Native Pop event, held in Julyis any indication of fanfare. The Native American Body of Art opening kicks off at 5 p. Featuring a live DJ, the event runs until 10 p. Learned has a theory. Churches, boarding schools. Native people were basically taught not to be who they were.

Assimilation led some natives to view the human body through a puritanical lens—as indecent and perverse. Through stripping natives of their language, art and culture, forced assimilation managed to manufacture consent. Contributing Navajo and Maricopa artist Serena Penaloza agrees: Then the white people came, religion came, and we were taught to be ashamed of our bodies. The colonizer, the oppressor, has historically represented native images to the world.

Learned consulted his native colleagues about what he observed americans a void in native nude art. They confirmed: Just do it!

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Learned stresses that due to the derailing of native art through assimilation, Native Americans never had an art renaissance. He thinks now is the time. An all-Native Americans group got together and did depictions of Native American nudes.

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For some Americans, native nudity is provocative—even conservative, romantic imagery. As Learned sees it, the human body is sacred, attractive, sensual and perhaps even erotic if portrayed in such a context—but not sinful or something to shun.

Native American Body of Art works depict both male and female nudes, although most of the women took advantage of the opportunity to express indigenous femininity and power.

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Jones, a Las Vegas-based native artist who is also designing her own Western Shoshone clothing line soon. In a sense, Native American Body of Art native the self-determination of both the native and feminist art beautiful. For Schaeffer, a self-taught artist, merging the feminine form with traditional Alaska Native stories was empowering. Somewhat steampunky.

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Learned is hyper-aware of gender disparity in the art worldand he has made it his mission to include more female artists in the Native American Body of Art collective than male. A total of 10 artists—six female and four male—comprise the Native American Body of Art collective. The full roster of Native American Body of Arts artists includes in alphabetical order by first name: I know how that feels. I know how nude work it is to have beautiful, the fulfillment you get, and also how it changes our bodies.