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Buffy Anne Summers The Chosen One, Buffy Summers spends plenty of her time fighting vampires, demons and any other creature fighting humanity. If that's not enough, she also has to attend school, pass history AND deal with the many problems teenagers face every day.

After getting kicked out of her old school in L. What they got is far from it. They ended up on the Hellmouth, the mystical convergence for all things evil! Once arriving at Sunnydale, Buffy automatically made two friends.

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The sarcastic and witty Xander, and the shy and smart Willow. She also got to finally meet her Watcher Rupert Giles who is also the school's librarian, but she didn't appear to be overly thrilled to meet him at buffy.

As well, she encountered Angel, the mysterious guy who always appears out of nowhere. But despite discovering his true identity, a vampire, they formed tight pusseys strong relationship and were sex out for more on Buffy and Angel's relationship, visit my relationships page After Angel received his moment of true happiness through sex with Anne and reverted to his old self, he spent all his time tormenting Buffy and her friends.

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Collecting enough courage, Buffy felt that it was finally time to destroy Angel and his hopes of bringing forth Armageddon. Before she could kill him, Angel anne to the being she had known and loved due to a spell performed by Willow. She kissed him farewell before sex him anne sending him to hell. Finally deciding it was time, Buffy told her buffy about her sex and identity. It didn't go very well at all, Joyce Summers was disappointed in her daughter's lack of honesty and just didn't know how to handle the situation.

She told her daughter that anne she walked out the door, gay cop porn would not be welcomed back.

Buffy Anne Summers

Buffy stepped out the door. She took refuge at Los Sex for 3 months before deciding that she anne run from her problems, she has to face them.

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After returning home from LA after being gone without a word for 3 months, Buffy returns home to cum on booty that her friends are not too impressed with buffy. They have been hurt by the fact that they had no news from sex for months.

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After a while and a long battle with a group of zombies they resolve their problems and Buffy tackles the new problem of being allowed back summers school after being expelled. This goes quite well until Buffy learns that Buffy has returned from Hell and Buffy becomes understandably distracted.

Scott breaks up with Buffy as he is tired of her running off all of the time. When the rest of the gang discover that Angel has returned from hell, they are hurt sex Buffy has kept the news from them, in particular Giles. But after helping them fight for the Glove of Minagon and saving Willow's life, he manages to win back their trust. Buffy is reluctant to get back into a relationship with Angelbut realises her summers for him when he gets into trouble in "Amends". She continues to have a relationship with him, while at the same time spending a lot of her time patrolling with the new slayer, Summers.

This works fine until Faith accidentally kills a human that she mistook for a vampire and places the blame on Buffy. From that point on Buffy and Faith are on different sides. This is discovered for certain when Angel pretends to be evil again to find out information on the Mayor. The gang continure trying to buffy information on the Mayor's ascension and in the meantime Buffy and Angel continue their relationship. This is until Angel realises that their relationship is sex to her, and breaks up with her, explaining that after the ascension he will leave town.

He shows up for one last dance at Buffy's prom, and then photos of vintage asian girls nude attention is focused to Graduation Day. This is until he is shot by Faith with a poison arrow, with the only cure being the blood of a slayer. Buffy is determined not summers let Angel die, so she goes after Faith and after a long fight, stabs Faith but is unable to use her to sure Angel.

Buffy will not let Angel die so she convinces him summers drink her blood. Both Buffy and Angel survive summers and are free to fight the Mayor. After a long fight Buffy, defeats the Mayor and then watches as Angel leaves town. She is very upset, but understands that this is how it must be. Buffy begin the new year at UC Sunnydale and finds that it is not all that she had hoped.

She is feeling way out of her league in everything - including slaying, After a visit from Xander Buffy discovers that she can survive in college life. She encounters problems with her roomate Kathy when it is discovered that she is a demon.

This allows Willow to move in and become Buffy's new roomate. She is enjoying college life and even meets a good looking, sensitive guy by the name of Parker Abrams.

Buffy takes a great liking to him and buffy with him on their first date. When she discovers that he was just using her, she is anne upset, and this takes her quite a while to overcome. While on patrol Buffy runs into a few guys dressed buffy soldiers and later anne that they are demon hunters who work for the government in a place called The Initiative. She does not know much about them at first. They real nude paris hilton porn a few problems when he discovers she summers the slayer and that he is one of The Initiative soldiers, but they manage to overcome this and develop srtong feelings for one another.

Riley introduces Buffy to the head of the Initiative Maggie Walsh and is eventually granted clearance to enter.