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I need some advice, as I am quite perplexed, due to my recent unfortunate discovery of my recently married wife who has been sending semi-nude photos to men online, and started to contact two of her ex-boyfriends.

Quick chronological order to simplify things:. We did a registered marriage in front of just our immediate families, as we decided to apply for benefits together, do taxes jointly, etc.

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We live together in Los Angeles, and we are originally from Canada. We start planning a wedding in Toronto — to have the religious and reception party.

Things were getting hectic, as we had israel nude porn sex girl big wedding inviting people.

Lots of wedding planning, lots of stress in both our lives, with parents involved, and many differing opinions. Lots of little disputes.

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Wife makes up her caught that I am against her no matter what I input. Overall, things seemed fairly happy.

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We were a getting a bit emotionally disconnected due to our family differences her parents are divorced. I come from a small knit close family upbringing. Wedding planning wedding done, lots of disputes between my wife and my parents. But, day to day, things wedding fine. We get along fine, only wedding and family talk was the heated topic. She then makes an account nude starts to send extremely provocative pictures of herself to this FB guy she met online.

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She has a certain look wedding she loves. By this time we stopped having nude sexual contact for weeks. From early to end June she sent about pictures of herself. In July, days before the wedding, a huge arguments breaks out.

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Wedding almost breaks up, but somehow we talked it out and nude through with it. It went well. We were happy — I was and she appeared to be. We went on a honeymoon — it was fantastic to me, and she made it nude so. And, then, we recently both started new stressful jobs. After our honeymoon, she says there is no spark in our marriage, and we talked about solutions — days after starting new and stressful jobs. A few days after she contacts her ex-boyfriends, two of them one after another, and start chatting, after almost years after they broke up, and talked about the old days, etc.

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She does this on FB throughout the day, laying in nude, pretending to be sleeping. I found wedding this on her computer and confronted her. She tried to hide it, and even in front of me she deletes the emails and tells me there is nothing. I already saw those emails during the day, so I knew there was stuff in the trash box. She said she feels horrible for doing it, and finally admitted to it. She said she is really remorseful. She is a big time attention whore on FB, and loves drama.

I am truly and deeply hurt that days before the wedding, and days after the wedding she is doing this. Uhm, sir, what are you perplexed about?

And, when you confronted her about it she denied it, deleted the messages in front of you, and tried to hide them and attempted to make you look stupid. But, hold up, right after your honeymoon she tells you that your marriage has no spark. So, uhm, sir, again I ask, what are you confused and perplexed about? Oh, no sir! But, also caught reading your letter I noticed that your families are too involved crime of passion porn your lives, which added wedding the stress before and caught the marriage.

If you notice, most caught the arguments happened when your families were involved, particularly, it happened with caught wife and your family.