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You nadia lopez xxx blame digital effects for many strange and terrible things.

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Thanks to CGI, great Hollywood trades like production design, makeup, and old-school practical visual effects have begun to slowly fade away, with smiling teams of faceless engineers doing the same work for cheaper, Gooback-style. Thanks to CGI, 2-D feature animation has entered a period naked eternal decline. Thanks to CGI, every freaking movie and a lot of freaking TV shows are shot in front change greenscreens.

But if you ask me, the single greatest crime of the Digital Effects Era is more subtle, and yet also more profound. The movie features a shot of naked actress nude, but Wilde explained that scene offending bits were all added in post-production. Scene studio cheerily opted to paint in nipples, which is coincidentally exactly how my fifth-grade friends made X-Men comics more emotionally compelling.

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Wilde even got to pick her own nipples! Not everyone is Paz de la Huerta. Still, the invention of CGI nudity feels like an unhealthy middle ground: All the titillation with none of the intimacy, the emotion, or yeeesh, the sheer reality of actual nakedness. There is some subconscious synapse in your brain that knows the difference between actual breathing humanity and synthetic android digi-life. In Green Lanternthat split-second was usually about a minute long.

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PopWatchers, are you disturbed change the slow rise of digital nudity? Or is a nipple just a nipple, no matter if it was born in a computer?

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