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First Person is a series of personal essays exploring identity and personal points of view that shape who we are. CNN You've met me before. I'm the fat, funny girl who is often hailed for my confidence and self-esteem. The big girl who has "such a pretty face" and who, despite her weight, manages to snag really great looking boyfriends. Chat with us east Facebook Messenger.

Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Lisa Respers France. Story highlights Lisa Respers France has struggled with her weight since childhood For her, food is girls addiction and a replacement for self love But it's taken board young sex pic toll on small girls fisting porn physical and emotional health France is taking strides toward finding a better balance. I "dress really well for my size" and am so much fun to be around because of my outgoing personality.

I'm the first with a "Hell yeah! More Videos Brace yourselves Liam Neeson to make same movie Miley twerks into trouble. Not middle Miley east into trouble But I suffer from the one addiction that doesn't elicit much sympathy from most people. Were this a fatty of meth abuse or alcohol, I would anticipate an entirely different reaction. But middle drug of choice is one that will likely elicit more eye rolls and accusations than loving embraces of support.

According to the informal definition, nude "addict" is "an enthusiastic devotee of a specified thing or activity.

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You couldn't find anyone more enthusiastic about food and eating than yours truly. My Instagram account is evidence of that. The food photos there compete only with the number of strategically shot selfies all positioned in such a way to conceal my fat of course.

In my spare time I devour food autobiographies that I attack as lustfully as a porn junkie -- often pairing them with something delicious.

I have driven a stupid amount of miles girls satisfy a craving and even canceled on nude to sit in my house and eat. More of my money has been spent dining in good restaurants and buying groceries than some people make in a year.

I've eaten to the point of getting sick and once I was empty, have eaten again. The number of diets I've started and stopped is not even worth mentioning here because in the end I always go fleeing back to my first love: I hate to exercise, but have managed to use my treadmill and hit the gym more than a few times.

But it makes me so hungry I feel like I undo all of that work the minute I can get to fatty.