Nudity around the world

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You know it's not acceptable to drop trou in public. You know not to send ladies unsolicited pictures of your package. And you know all about nude beach etiquette and how the lights have to be off during sex in Hungary.

But did world know that in Singapore you can't be naked in your own home?!?! Or that until the early 19th century, the country was possibly governed by Nevernudes?

You didn't, did you? Yes, turns out there are still a around of weird nudity laws like Singapore's on the books, both in the U. The World's 10 Best Nude Beaches.

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Who knew? Louisiana Streaking is totally cool in the Bayou, as long as the not being too sexy about it. And by sexy, they mean running around naked with "lascivious intent". Singapore Wandering around the house -- your house, under your roof -- in the buff is considered pornography in Singapore. Ok, the law stipulates that you have to nudity exposed to public view, but in notoriously strict Singapore that's basically any room with a window.

Cleveland, OH Even the smallest sliver of underboob is considered nudity in Cleveland, and thus, obscene.

5. Australia

New Happy mature redhead gif City, NY Yep, it's totally cool for the ladies of NYC to bare their breasts in public, just as long as it's not for "business" purposes wink, wink.

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7 Countries Around The World Where Public Nudity Is Completely Legal

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