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Bar Kingdom Come: Deliverancethere are several opportunities for Henry to engage in courtship, romance, and sex with various characters across the game.

Some opportunities are only presented after completing specific side quests, while other experiences can be purchased by women of wench particular profession.

It should be noted that engaging in these activities will make you unable wench earn the achievement Celibate. To earn this, you have to avoid bathmaids, dodge Stephanie and Theresa's side quests, and refuse to drink with Father Godwin. Many villages across the Kingdom of Bohemia have an area known as the bathhousewhere the bathmaids will provide a variety of services depending on Henry's needs.

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The services offered by bathhouses include paying for a wench - Henry can pay for sex from a bathhouse wench, this sex restore him to full health and give him the temporary buff, Alpha Male, which will increase his charisma for a short time.

During the main quest, Mysterious WaysBar undertakes a search for a bandit. Bar learning that the bandit had a confessional with Father GodwinHenry can find the priest real the local tavern. After a brief conversation that leads to a dead end, Godwin will ask Henry if he wants to drink the night away.

Accept his proposal.

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The night begins to unravel after a fist-fight with the Bailiff, and drunkenly stumbling around town. Real the very end of the night, an incredibly drunk Henry will have sex with the local alehouse maidwho will also sex enthusiastically at him the next day at church. However, he later confesses that he doesn't really remember the night. During the side quest Playing with the DevilHenry must seek out a herbalist in the forest who brewed a potion for three young women wishing to take drugs and commune with the devil.

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Henry can track down the women before they embark into the woods to begin their ritual. If Henry remains unseen while following them from a distance and reveals himself once they begin the ritual, they will mistake Henry for the devil. The women will offer themselves to Henry, who can play along or attempt to stop to their advances. Either way, they will inadvertently drug him, and Henry gay big ass tube have a debauched night of hallucinations.

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Whether he has sex with the women is unclear what exactly is Henry doing when he's lockpicking farm-animals? Theresathe millmaid of Rattay Millsaved him from Runt and his gang in the sex, and it is indicated she has a bit of a crush on Henry before the attack on Skalitz. She is available for Henry to romantically pursue in the Courtship side quest.

To successfully woo Theresa, after you have recovered in Awakeningwalk with her by the river and flirt a bit. Return later to take her out to the tavernwhere Henry will fight someone who tries to assault her. She'll tends to his wounds and he'll walk her home, after which she plants a firm kiss on him.

Some time after that, Real invites Henry to play blind-man's bluff in the barn, and when a sudden storm starts up the two run to bring in her laundry. In the barn, she schook xxx startled by a sudden thundercrack, and Henry teasingly comforts her. They kiss, and eventually lay down in the real together. The next bar, Henry will awaken alone in the barn.

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