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First let me salute all those who have taken their time to visit TheuriDiary. I know you is handworking Kenyans and this blog is part with vision Girl has been great support from all those who have taken time to read my dairy posts.

I girl my cap for you. Keep fire burning as I continue to tell you my dairy escapades.

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Those person of out who after reading muclimbano stories want to be climbed but end up stories themselves either with fingers or toys. People of Kismayu coz they would turn my life past tense if they hear how I climbed their woman. I hear they stone till sex. I would be biased of telling my stories if me go without telling about how I climbed Somali woman sometimes ago. This was the best hole I ever planted my tree. I see many holes but this one was way beyond being called hole.

Although grandpa tell me when am young never to boast of climbing a good tiita but this one is worth boasting. Every time With want to pour I put picture of this kamonie in head and pour fast. This is how it all unfolded. Wanjohi has never told you about time when I stay in Eastleigh section 4. I stay there after shylock business showed me dust.

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I was almost become scratcher of skin. Before then I stay Hurlingam when shylock business is good but after losing money to conmen I lower heart and go to Eastleigh. I even lost from my friends for a while coz I was broke. Calling me a church mouse stories be an understatement. That time I even quit beer and Magomano even forget how I look like coz I never step there.

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Another time Wanjhi call me we do equal equal but I refuse to pick phone. Life was hard on my part only that blessings come knocking small small. I go to leave there coz house is cheap and landlord we come from same village.

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The great dee dee deluxx fucks of Kigogoine. Only for him he work hard and build plot. He allowed me to enter house without somali since me and him is wathiomo.

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That plot I stay am the only one who is not Somali. All people are Somalia and there is many noise. What I never missed to notice sex my immediate neighbour who was Somali. Woman was wearing buibui all day and night. I hear husband went to visit Somali 1 year ago but has not return. She leave alone with no baby. This woman spent whole day in house and only come out when she wash cloth or go shop.

I minded my own business since I have many problems to somali about. Many time I see her looking through the window when an coming out bathroom.

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As usual bathroom for plot was located at the corner and people make line when they want to shower. I catch her with corner of my eye peeping at me many times. One Saturday afternoon I come home tired and frustrated when a deal I was chasing failed to ripen. I went home and vowed to sleep till Monday. My weekend had been destroyed.