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The USP unique selling point, for non-diocese of London clerics is that this is not the swaggering redbeard of mature years, but a prince in his youthful prime, a paragon of learning and arts.

He maintains his figure not by exercise of learning and culture, but by rampant bouts of tennis, and with energetic rumpy pumpy. Readers of this paper will of course be most interested in the way the religious turmoil of the age is depicted well, that is not quite true — a good number will only be interested in the kind of chasuble the clerics rampant wearing, and whether liturgical and ecclesiological minutiae are authentically presented. The key figure is, of course, Cardinal Wolsey, and his pivotal part is indeed recognised.

Unfortunately, this worldly prelate is played with such a level of feline suavity as to suggest a 16th-century Jeeves, shimmering in and out of the royal presence, deferentially murmuring solutions to the scrapes into which his young master has got himself.

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Henry is definitely no Bertie Wooster — the gorgeous costumes cannot conceal the brutal thuggery of the Tudor court. The series has some merits, but it is far too pleased with itself in showing a side of Henry that none of us had ever heard of yes, we hadand surprising us by proving that international power-struggles of the Renaissance were amazingly similar to what goes on today yes, we knew that, too.

Mr Brooker examined TV news, tracing the development from extreme deadpan objectivity to our contemporary newscasters and the whizzbang graphics that support them.

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Our churches may be ancient, but we have a vision for future growth and progress, so we are looking for a Vicar to help us fulfil our hope for the future. The person appointed will be lead minister with oversight of and responsibility for our established youth eighteen year old girls nude across the benefice as a whole, as well as having a broad parochial ministry.

We are seeking an energetic and mission-focused Vicar to lead our young, inclusive Benefice rampant two churches in the thriving rural town of Frome in beautiful Somerset. A large and diverse in all respects civic, city-centre church which is already seeing new growth under their new incumbent seeks an Associate Minister to assist this growth.

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Nadia Bolz-Weber is calling for a sexual reformation in the Church. She talks to Madeleine Davies. Sign In Subscribe. Saturday 31 August A rampant prince. Encounters with extremists.


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Ready to let go of shame. Rampant of Christ Church can return to work after tribunal dismisses complaint. Mark Oakley wins Michael Ramsey Prize. Vicar selected to stand for Brexit Party. Unease at timetable for clergy to adapt to new marriage formalities.

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Church to review procedures after murderer was considered for ministry. Job of the Week. Vicar House for Rampant. Team Vicar. Associate Minister.

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