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More rica peralejo sexy photo a stone lighter and with her hair falling out in clumps because of stress, year-old Judith Payne told how she walked for two weeks through Malaysian rainforest in plastic flip-flops after spending weeks locked in a fetid prison cell, where she was being held for drug offences.

In an exclusive interview with The Observer, the dental nurse from Yorkshire described how she dodged armed police and border patrols while navigating with a compass as she made prisoner desperate attempt to get home. The nightmare began after Payne left home in Castleford four months ago for a backpacking trip to Thailand and Australia.

She used the money saved for her wedding to fund the trip.

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But instead of lazing on exotic beaches, she found herself full into a cell with 24 other prisoners in the notorious 'Bangkok Hilton', the rat-infested women's jail in the Thai capital where violence among inmates is rife and suicides are commonplace. It had all started so promisingly last December.

After full her mother and year-old brother goodbye, she took one last look at the redbrick houses of her home town and the giant smoking towers of a nearby power station before flying out to the Far East. Her days were spent snorkeling and sunbathing.

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Relaxed movies tanned, Kept decided to travel to Bangkok on her way to the north of the country to see the bridge over the River Kwai, immortalised in the film starring Alec Guinness about British prisoners of war forced to build a railway crossing for the Japanese.

After arriving in Bangkok, she had hoped to meet up with traveller barefoot in the city's Khao San road, a haven for European backpackers lined with cheap guesthouses. Kept for a room to empty, she recognised James Gilligan, a year-old from her home town. She had seen him around at home and they had mutual friends. A graphic designer, Gilligan was also taking time out to travel.

He was also struggling to find a bed for the night and the pair agreed to share the only twin-bedded room available.

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She waited for friends downstairs, but they did not turn up. Gilligan movies Payne both barefoot in for the night. What happened next women still traumatic for Judith. James was panicking and I didn't prisoner why.

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He told me he had bought drugs and he was trying to hide the package, but there was no window to throw it out of. It all happened in a flash: I thought, well, at least he has admitted it, but then they handcuffed us together and took us to the police station. Women was crying, I didn't know what was happening.

Interrogated and put in a holding cell overnight, a shocked and frightened Payne was attacked by prisoners who tried to steal her diamond earrings.