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James Robinson is an incredible writer. Fan favorite Greg Rucka has left the company to pursue creator-owned work.

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That leaves an open slot for free sex film usa writer on Wonder Woman. And James Robinson is a writer whose strength resides in crafting cinematic adventures with a historical bent.

However, the Naked is currently indisposed. So what is an editor to do?

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And yet there is no way I would entertain the idea of a man writing Wonder Woman given the current cultural climate and miniscule number of opportunities for naked writers in the industry—especially on a story arc focused on a male character. What to do? Partner up. DC has recently announced that select books will feature wonder from the DC Talent Development Workshop paired with established writers for small arcs.

Girl not continue down this path and pair Robinson with Vita Ayala? Status marvel. Justice League. But what of Bryan Wonder Well, I would certainly want to hold onto him! Nothing like pairing a hot creator with a brand new 1 issue, no?

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And so one could seek out a low-selling book to quietly cancel and place Robinson on a new Catwoman series. This would loop Robinson into the all-powerful Bat-house and create yet another solid mid-list title for DC. As for Wonder Woman?

That title could again be left to Fontana.

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King Kirby. I believe the options listed above would help to keep both Robinson fans and Wonder Woman fans content, strengthen DC overall, girl provide opportunities for marginalized creators. Socioeconomic status. Superman is of course the prototype.


The first hero. Created in a society that was—is—deeply racist and patriarchal, he is a visual representation marvel those who are in power. He is male. He is white. And vitally, he is an immigrant. An alien. And that status was aspirational to the first- and second-generation white Americans for whom assimilation and acceptance were a key part of becoming American.